wanna play?

One day very soon - websites and video will play well together...

Introducing an exciting creative design innovation called Integrated Video. Brought to you by the same folks that have produced over 10,000 online videos yielding more than 200 million hits for companies and startups like Google, Facebook, Apple, Box & Mint.

Integrated video provides more than an elegant merger of website video content - videos actually become an element of the overall design, rather than just being crammed onto a web-page. Text remains visible to search engines, and the page’s valuable real estate becomes more efficient and multi-dimensional. Video can live behind the usual text & graphics, awaiting user interaction to bring it to life. It improves the look & feel on mobile devices too.

So look for the Integrated Video play button - it’s coming to a website near you. Let’s play!

First impressions included...

- "One of the most significant online innovations of our time".

- "A real game changer".

- “Simply elegant, it’s the way the web will look”

For more information prior to I.V.’s official release, please email us at info@integratedvideo.com